How SMILING Makes You Look Younger

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I never knew I had a great smile until I took the step and since I started smiling, I haven't looked back

How SMILING Makes You Look Younger

Growing up,  I had issues with smiling, because I didn't have that perfect dentition. My teeth were misaligned and people always had a question or two to ask about my dentition whenever I attempted to smile. That made me shy and so I gave up on ever smiling ☺ until few years ago when I took the bold step and started making enquires on what it would take to realign my dentition.

I got the solution, it cost me few dollars and when I was done, I discovered something....Wanna know what it was???  

Well,  I discovered that I have got a great smile ☺.

I recall trying to take pictures with a model colleague who kicked against the decision because of my smile. She totally left, saying that my smile was too good and intimidating and I was looking finer that her in the picture. Sounds crazy right? 

But I had it all this while and never knew!  

Ever since I started smiling, I haven't looked back.  Friends have even tagged me "the Smile Queen" because I smile a lot.

I also discovered that I look younger than the days I wasn't smiling.  That's what smiles can do to you. 

According to a 2015 study published in Psychological Science, it was found that smiling can result in a lower heart rate during stressful tasks...

Ever since I found my smile,  I have decided not to let it go. No,  Never! I will smile for ever!!!???

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