You never purchased or sold gold?

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You never purchased or sold gold?

Proof is exclusively used in chat related infractions, so it is not surprising that they did not provide any in this case. Sucks you have banned if you really didn't do anything. Is not there anything you might have possibly done to create Jagex believe you botted? I've heard ofRS gold people receiving temp bans because they spent 10+ hours per day practice Firemaking for instance. It may be also possible that through the time you invested Woodcutting you accidentally formed clicking patterns which tricked Jagex's anti-bot system or something of this type.

You never purchased or sold gold? If you got banned for using macros and gold farming and you're confident you never botted maybe Jagex is speaking to this later only. There is probably not anything you can do other than allure, and when you appeal you should likely attempt to calm down first to be certain that you write a nicely thought out and polite appeal. If you have initially banned you have all the reasons to be angry, but a hotheaded allure surely won't help you.

. funny. . I've had no crimes ever. And beleive me I composed a sincere not angry message telling them I've never botted and if I had, why do I take the time to appeal because when I did bot I would just move on and bot on a new account. And no, I have never bought gold never seen a gold purchasing website never done anything contrary to their rules. I am not trying to become mad but I have put so much time into this game and also to only be banned because of this is rediculous. My true fear right now is I had been hacked and someone just totally screwed with my account if that is the situation... oh my god... I don't know what to think.

Not that I'm hooked on this game, since in reality I hardly get time to play with it , but I have been playing this game off and on since I was ten years old, I am now 19, so that's nearly ten years I've put work into this sport, wasted hundreds of hours of my entire life, and it cannot end by me being prohibited for legity something that I didn't do. I told them in my own appeal, matter of fact declared on my life to them, I never botted, and should they have evidence a schedule was used I had to have been hacked.

My rough plan for Mining Smithing from that point is as follows: First, use the community (and devs) to collect a new, agreed list of prerequisites and limitations for what rework must do andcheap OSRS gold what it mustn't do. Many of these are most likely to conflict so we'll have to negotiate a compromise. This will involve a great deal of exploration and explanation of how things such as the economy really do the job, and what the long term impact of changes and absence of fluctuations will be.

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