What Your Facial Expression Says When You Type "LOL"

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When you type LOL, what does your facial expressions say at that point? Does it say, I am laughing or I am faking it? ?

What Your Facial Expression Says When You Type "LOL"

If you have been on the social space as long as I have, then you must have used the LOL(Laugh Out Loud)  phrase to symbolize you laughing aloud to probably a joke or a statement made by someone.

A lot of us have used this phrase and many others like the LMAO(Laugh My A** Out), ROTFL(Rolling On The Floor and Laughing) and others to show how hilarious a post is. But the question that keeps running through my mind,  being a person that uses these slangs too is, "Do people really laugh when they type that?"

There are times when I just type "Hahaha" and my facial expression is blank,  expressionless with no plans of laughing in the nearest seconds but I still type LOL,  why? 

Well,  I'd say it's because of how I feel at that moment but then again,  isn't your feelings supposed to reflect outwardly?  Well,  that, I will leave to you the reader to answer. 

But frankly speaking, majority of social media users are very guilty of this act. Sometimes they put up straight faces and looks while boldly typing LOL and one begins to wonder, how, when and where they smiled or even laughed physically.

Before you type LOL,  LMAO,  ROTFL, I suggest you be true to the words and actually match them with actions. ..Hahahhah.  I guess that would be difficult for most of us to do.

Well,  there isn't any rules on how you chat, but it will be nice to mean what you write and say!  

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