Regrettably this point is overlooked

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Regrettably this point is overlooked

Regrettably this point is overlooked andEVE Mobile ISK its a single issue unfortunately. Afk in low sec doesn't matter imo. Allowing that at null long-term would destroy sov/econ equilibrium. I also dont know the anticipation of having any safety at all in a region named"null security". Of all the ways they might have described regions in Eve, the one they felt was the best clarifies the anticipation of safety. I believe low/high sec can continue to supply a livable area for more risk averse players.

Exactly, and also you can afk autopath in protected zones and make lots money. Why can't you guys have your safe zone and let us have our insecure zone? It'd break the game if people were permitted to fly in nul with no consequence.Because the match was better and had more players before, this just carers into the eve online failures that are on echoes such as mouthbreathers over your shoulder.

If by fly you mean being able to do anything in null and get away via autopilot I agree with you.but the reality is we just want to reach the destination secure. Everything that occurs thereafter is on us. And we understand that.But what you aren't wanting is a risky zone, you need gotcha loot pulls on ships that are afk. If you genuinely wanted a risky zone you'd welcome folks being able toEVE Echoes ISK For Sale get to your area without issue. Because then they're in your space and your prey.