What's the best dragon dagger

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What's the best dragon dagger

Well, I have some questions about being a member, a few of OSRS gold em seem fairly nooby, but its not like im gonna spend days studying all the member things, not like I have the time or anything, which I dont but I digress. I'm gonna put these plain and simple, then check this everyday, clear straightforward answers are valued.

1) What's the best dragon dagger and just how long does the poison last? 2) What quests (10) should do first? 3) What if my f2p abilities be at before I become a mem? 4) Where is the best training? 8) Is fletching worth it? 9) How do I perform herblore (manual was not much aid:-RRB- )-plain and simple please 10) What's the best method to get construction up so I can build a home? 11) How easy is hunter really? 12) Is it easy to go around? 13) If I were to melee the tree soul in the Lost City pursuit, what should I bring? 15) Are whip prices moving up or down?

By the way is not it fun to discover these things on your own? Also you'll find you could have all the information in the world but it wont mean squat if you don't actually go out there and watch it on your own. 1. ++ is your best and posion on a dagger lasts forever. 2. The one to start herblore and Cheap RS gold also the one to start summoning(so it's possible to gain acess to those skills naturally )then it really depends on your levels for instance are you can do the lost city exploration. 3. Whatever you want them to be besides abilities are easier to train in associates usually anyhow. 4. Experiments or stone crabs. 5. Most defiantly NOT cannonballs hmm lets see that there are nats there are fletching and higher alching bows there's nats and rune ess if your low level even selling magic logs is better then cannonballs.

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