NBA 2K21 on Twitter: NBA2K21 box Artwork confirmed

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NBA 2K21 on Twitter: NBA2K21 box Artwork confirmed

Okay so grip on so not ALL instances will probably be blue, some will be black? I would not be too mad if they did I enjoyed the blue. I guess it is not from the realm ofNBA 2K21 MT possibility that they changed it. It was essentially the one universal criticism. Edit: They deleted the article. Wonder if Sony was like"hey guys we've got a blue case" Yeah, after Xbox removed that ugly"Optimized for XSX" badge I wouldnt be surprised if they altered the case also. They listen to feedback About Watch Dogs Legion and Ac Valhalla there's nevertheless is(optimized for XSX) the gloomy just looked like a worse looking ps4 situation in my view.

Hold they reposted it on the official Nba2k twitter page but without the black cover. I believe that it's more likely they just found a black box in this image because they thought it looked better. I doubt its representative of the color box that the match will actually ship . Man, and I had gotten used to the blue situation. I really hope that is a one time thing and we maintain the blue, because I like how it looks Maybe they were only using all of the left over stock of blue boxes and once they're all used then maybe they will start and keep producing black ones.

The embodiment of predatory microtransactions. Move along, nothing to see here.Yeah, I know this is an unpopular opinion in this sub, but 2K tends to set a good deal of work into the initial next-gen game. I'mma await gameplay and news tho, this might easily be unsatisfactory. No blue case it sounds. Are they moving forward with this layout or is it possibly only the developer's choice here? Partially because I like the blue, partly because I dont enjoy inconsistency in my plate.

Perhaps their choice I truly dig the black case tho. PS4 also had red cases so that I guess it's upBuy NBA 2K21 MT Coins to the devs. It would actually be very cool when they gave the developers the option of what color the case will be. Yo the black situation looks great. The blog post did state to leave feedback on it. Yeah that is about 50 lb too light for Zion.

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